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Press Upgrades

Loktah is proud to announce that we’ve recently upgraded our primary press. We’re convinced you will absolutely love the difference which includes significant print quality and pixel density improvements. To top it off our press prints are now 200+ year archival quality thanks to the papers and inks available with our new press.

Our Flush Press Books, a popular option for smaller budgets, will see some changes. With the latest upgrades we’ve had to make a tough choice between continuing to offer larger sizes or significantly increasing the quality of our press division as a whole since our new press would not be capable of printing oversized Flush Press Books. As a result we’ve removed the larger sizes and added a number of exciting new alternative sizes.

We understand that many of you presell books to your clients and this announcement might affect you negatively. Our first priority is to make sure you’re taken care of. For that reason we’re offering all our existing customers who purchase a Flush Press Book an automatic upgrade to the matching Flush Mount Album. If your specific selection is not available as a Flush Mount Album you’ll be asked to selected another Flush Mount Album in it’s place.

This special offer is valid until September 30th, 2015.

If you’re unsure which book, or specific cover, you were interested in purchasing feel free to purchase any Flush Press Book in your preferred size. As soon as you're ready to submit your artwork include a request for the cover your choice in the order comments.

Here are some changes you can look forward to in our press division:

  • 200+ Years Archival Certified Inks and Papers.
  • Precise Color Reproduction.
  • Silver Halide Equivalent Photographic Print Quality
  • Significant Turn Around Time Reductions.
  • True Matte Finish on Matte Papers. No Shine, No Gloss.

We love your work!