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Can I see a proof of my logo order?

We do not offer Proofing. Once a logo has been printed we cannot remove the ink.

Do I pay just $3.50 and get logos on all my products?

No, $3.50 is the price of an individual print. You should add one logo add-on for each individual piece you want branded.

For example: If you are purchasing a single DVD case you will order 1Logo Add-on. If you are purchasing Logo Add-ons for a set of DVD Sleeves (10 sleeves in a set) you will need to purchase 10 Logo Add-ons.

When I purchase a Logo Add-on for $3.50 does it include the product?

No. The Logo Add-on price is for an individual print only. You will have to order your product seperately.

My logos are not exactly the same on all my products. Why is that?

All Loktah products are imperfectly perfect, that is the beauty of handmade/hand screen printed products. No two items will be alike.

My logos are not perfectly crisp or seem to have rubbed off in places. Is this right?

Our products come in various textures and papers. We cannot no control how the ink soaks into the paper, sometimes the logo will look aged or missing ink in some areas. This is perfectly natural.

Can I have my full color logo printed on my product?

No, we only accept black and white artwork for Logo Add-Ons. It will be printed in Natural (a creamy white) or Grey depending on the color of your product. Natural is printed on dark products, like Kraft or Mystery. Grey is used on products like Alabaster or Blossom.

My logo is not perfectly centered. Why not?

The placement of your logo will not always be 100% accurate. Some logos will be off center due to the nature of handmade products and the process of transferring your logo onto the product.

Will my order take longer if I order a Logo Add-on?

Logo turn around time is 30 days. Due to the nature of customized products, the production process and popularity of this product we cannot deliver this item any sooner.

Can I get you to rush my Logo Add-on order?

We'd love say yes, but this product requires too much care to rush. You could purchase expedited shipping but that will not make expedite the production time.

How do you know where I want my logo?

You will be able to select your logo position, placement and scale during the order process.

Can I upload my logo from my web site?

No. We prefer vector based files in Adobe Illustrator format, or PDF. If you absolutely cannot provide us with your files in one of these two formats we prefer 300 DPI jpeg files in Black and White. If you do not have a vector version of your logo we suggest using the excellent and affordable service provided by Vector Magic.

My logo is a unicorn with rainbows coming out of its ears. Its horn is textured to make it look more realistic and the grass is a gradient from light green to dark green. It also has a drop shadow to make it look real. Can you print that?

Unfortunately we can not print shadows, layers, colors, gradients, or texture. Please provide us with a black and white logo and select a colorful product instead.

Can you vectorize my logo for me? Or design the whole thing?

Even though we'd love to, we do not supply artwork design services. If you have a logo you need vectorized we suggest using the excellent and affordable service provided by Vector Magic.